About Us

Lahore Agro Farm Industries was established in 1992 to cater to the Agricultural Machinery demands of Local and International Buyers in and outside Pakistan. For the past 20 years we have been serving our customers with focus on service, commitment, quality and after sales service. We have been successfully serving our valuable clients in 5 continents across the globe in the past years.

Our major overseas clients are located in Africa; Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, Nigeria and almost all other African countries. In South East Asia, we have been exporting to Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia. Eastern European countries include Poland, Belarus and a lot more.

At present, the company has its own manufacturing unit of agricultural implements and agricultural machinery. The company is based in Lahore Pakistan, which is the agricultural and economic capital of Pakistan. It is a well known fact that Pakistan is known globally for its high quality and low priced agricultural implements, tractors and agricultural machinery.

Lahore Agro supplies Brand New Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Ursus and John Deere Tractors. The following tractor models are available:

Massey Ferguson

New Holland

John Deere Ursus
  • MF 240
  • MF 260
  • MF 350
  • MF 360
  • MF 375
  • MF 385
  • MF 385 4WD
  • NH 480 special
  • NH 640 SPECIAL
  • NH 55-56
  • NH 60-56
  • NH 70-56
  • NH 640
  • JD 5055
  • JD 720
  •  URSUS 2812
  • URSUS 3512

All tractors are brand new and are readily available, various accessories and options are available; for tractors which are not factory fitted with power steering can be supplied with it. 4wd kits can also be fitted if needed by our customer.

A wide range of agricultural implements and farm equipment is also available, which are made according to international specifications. High quality metal is used with scratch proof paint in order to provide with the highest quality finish. All implements are painted in our signature red and black gloss colours making them both attractive and durable in the long run.

List of Implements manufactured:

1-        Disc Plough

2-        Mould Board Plough

3-        Chisel Plough

4-        Tine Tiller - Cultivator

5-        Disc   Harrow

6-        Ridger

7-        Cotton Ridger

8-        Sugarcane Ridger

9-        Seed Drill

10-      Zero Tillage Seed Drill

11-      Multi-Crop Double Bed Planter

12-      Rotary Tiller - Rotavator

13-      Bund Former/Maker

14-      Post Hole Digger

15-      Ditcher

16-      Border Disc

17-      Disc Ridger

18-      Lawn Mower

19-      Mounted Thresher

20-      Multi-Purpose Rear Blade

21-      Double Action Rear Blade

22-      Agricultural Loader

23-      Tractor Front Blade

24-      Laser Land Leveler

25-      Fodder Cutter

26-      Forage/Chaff Cutter

27-      Power Take Off (PTO) Pulley

28-      Fertilizer Broadcaster

29-      Maize Sheller

30-      Sunflower Thresher

31-      Wheat Reaper

32-      Rice Reaper

33-      Rice Thresher

34-      Sugarcane Crusher

35-      Jib Crane

36-      Swinging Draw Bar

37-      Potato Spinner

38-      Potato Digger

39-      Potato Planter

40-      Adjustable Pintle Hook

41-      Road Sweeper

42-      Farm Trailer

43-      Hydraulic Farm Trailer

44-      Boom Sprayer

45-      Cotton Planter - Drill

46-      Rice Stubble Drill

47-      Tractor Fork Lift Attachments

48-      Wheat Thresher

49-      Rice Thresher

50-      Disc Ridger

51-      Water Tank

52-      Wheat Straw Chopper

53-      Tractor Cabins

54-      Border Disc

55-      Bed Shaper Border Disc

56-      Front End Weights

57-      9 Hole Drawbar

58-      Mechanical Sweeper

59-      Swinging Drawbar

60-      Trolley Mounted Spray

61-      Cabins

62-      Baler

63-      Bed Maker

64-      Wheat Mill

65-      Sugarcane Planter

66-      Seed Grader

67-      Tractor Back Hoe

68-      Multi Crops Thresher

69-      Wheat Planter

70-      Sun Canopy

Lahore Agro hopes to establish a healthy relationship with your company achieving our main aim of a satisfied customer.